PNTN firmly subscribes to the position that home selling/purchasing consumers are best protected and served when they retain the professional services of a local realtor and independent real estate attorney. “Going it alone” has never proven itself as a viable consumer strategy on the typical family’s largest financial commitment. Knowledgeable real estate broker advice is even more important in the emerging digital environment. PNTN and our member law firms support neighborhood real estate brokers in ways and methods not readily available elsewhere.

Experienced Closers

Among the most experienced closers, with 500 years collectively, in the industry with the ability to consummate even the most difficult transactions

Automatic Payments

Automatic commission payments to the broker’s account directly from the closing table, avoiding commission payment delays from closings you do not attend


CRM via broker branded reusable gift bags and broker customized land surveys


Neighborhood networking events via HomeBase that promotes participating brokers in their local communities

Branded Activities

Broker branded activities including Six Flags Great America’s only private Fright Fest and other exclusive events

No Junk Fees

No junk fee guarantee by member law firms or unreasonably high title rates, as increasingly charged by other groups including broker owned title agencies

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