PNTN and Independent Escrow Services Corp. (IES) have been at the forefront of loan closing innovations for over three decades.


IES, PNTN’s wholly owned subsidiary, is the only Independent Escrowee in Illinois that can perform loan closings irrespective of the title company utilized

Video Closing

Developed Counseled Video Closings eliminates the need for parties and their legal counsel from having to travel to distant closing locations


Digital closing option with wet signed documents (i.e. Illinois deeds) scanned for complete paperless lender package


Employee closing staff (not independent contractors) with over 500 years collective experience, have gained the highest error free ratings among mortgage lenders

Mobile Option

Mobile closing services were actually invented by PNTN staff in Illinois and designed the first mobile site with check re-cut capability that reduced settlement table time


Neighborhood HomeBase program promoting participating lenders among consumers, brokers, and attorneys via the cost effective point of sale placement and a secure archival CRM capability

Secure Web

Originated proprietary secure web platform, TrackYourClosing.com secures document collaboration and verifies consumer disclosures through a delivery system

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