About Us

For over three decades, Professional National Title Network has been committed to the proposition that consumers are best protected by a legal opinion on title as an integral part of attorney representation of home sellers/purchasers. Only an experienced real property lawyer with an awareness of each client’s specific needs can provide the legal/title services, that when coupled with a fiduciary duty to that client, can best protect the interests.

Adhering to the 70 year old Bar Related® title mission, PNTN is dedicated to both protecting and promoting member law firms. Unlike most commercial title companies, PNTN is unilaterally dedicated to law firm delivery of legal and title services, which is manifested in a variety of demonstrable and unique methods.

Working Solutions

Working solutions to law firm interfering lay service providers

Web Centric

Region’s only attorney centric web based transaction management platform—TrackYourClosing.com

Discrimination Protection

Only local title group taking legal action against entities discriminating against attorney delivered services


One of a select few title groups publicly opposing RESPA challenged title programs that place lawyers at avoidable risk

Consumer Protection

PNTN has sponsored various consumer protecting legislation that include: the Informed Bifurcation Amendment to the ITIA, §18.1 of the Illinois Title Insurance Act and other consumer protecting changes to the Illinois Administrative Code

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