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PNTN has exceptional closers and support staff. They are dedicated and work with attorneys, buyers and sellers in order to bring each transaction to fruition. When unusual circumstances arise, they will help you solve the problem and help you complete the transaction.

John F.

When you can work with "THE BEST" why settle for less? I have worked with PNTN for the last 28 years. Over the years PNTN has helped me with (a) Quick title searches, (b) Closers who will stay as long as it takes to get the Closing done, (c) Even at the end of the month, PNTN will find a way to accommodate your closing date/time request and (d) A legal staff that helps solve problems when you get stuck.

Linda B.

As a seller’s attorney, Counseled Video Closings have been a real travel time saver allowing me to be more productive while buyers sign mortgage documents and everyone awaits funding approval. Whether I attend via video conference from an PNTN office or from my own office, it allows real time interaction with the buyer’s attorney if questions or concerns arise. Signing any documents on behalf of the seller at closing is easily accomplished via e-mail through the secure website. I have found that the buyer’s attorney often appreciates the flexibility of closing at a location that may be more convenient for both the attorney and the buyer, especially when closing dates and times change at the last minute.

Debra L.

Outstanding customer service. Protects the interests of the consumer by helping to safeguard the role of the attorney in an ever changing marketplace.

Tom D.

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